ClosetMaid Garage Long Handle Hang-Up $5 @ Walmart

ClosetMaid Garage Long Handle Hang-Up $5 @ Walmart

Looking for a sweet little deal to organize the garage? Head over to Walmart to score this ClosetMaid Garage Long Handle Hang-Up organizer on sale for just $5.17!

This is a nice little organize to add to the garage or a closet to keep your brooms and mops in order. I'm telling you we have one of these in our garage, and I didn't know how much I needed until we grabbed one, really does help out a ton.

In our house, keeping the garage and basement in order is everyones responsibility. What I do is have the kiddos work in teams as a "chore" to straighten up the two whenever they get messy.

These long handle hang-up organizers are great because there is always a spot for over shovels, rakes and brooms that are getting used often for yard work. The kids would lean up all these against the wall before we had this and they'd always fall over, and clutter would build up.

For just 5 bucks you're getting something that'll help out a ton with keeping the garage in order. Worth it to me!


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