Constructive Eating Set (Plate & Utensils) from $17.49 @ eBay

Constructive Eating Set (Plate & Utensils) from $17.49 @ eBay

Have a picky eater that won't budge? Might want to try this awesome Constructive Eating Set that'll get your little picky eater demolishing their plate in no time.

The constructive eating set is such a neat idea, there are a bunch of ways you can buy them too, just the utensils, just the plate, or the plate with the utensils plus a mat! We found some nice prices right now on these sets on eBay worth checking out:

  1. Click here for Constructive Eating Set (Plate & Utensils) from $17.49 @ eBay

When you have a little one that won't budge it can be so frustrating. Sometimes switching things up and making it fun can help with a picky eater.

  1. Constructive Eating Set of Utensils $17.49
  2. Constructive Eating Plate $19.99
  3. Constructive Eating Garden Fairy Plate $17.60
  4. Constructive Eating Pink Garden Utensils $19.99
  5. Constructive Eating Plate & Utensils $36.99
  6. Constructive Eating Combo Utensil Set, Plate, and Placemat $41.27

I love this because the utensils make it more like a game (not always a good thing thing at dinner time but you get my drift) and your little one will feel like they're accomplishing something when using the fork, spoon and the 'pusher' while eating all of their veggies.

The best part about these deals on eBay is they offer free shipping. You go with other sites or companies shipping will cost a fortune for this set, I also like you can buy individually.


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