Contigo Water Bottles (w/ Hidden Compartment) $13 @ Target

Contigo Water Bottles (w/ Hidden Compartment) $13 @ Target

This is revolutionary! Now when I workout I can bring my cards and keys with me without having to juggle around a purse just simply bring my water bottle and go.

This water bottle has a pocket that will hold my gym card, debit card, money or what ever I decide to store and priced at only $12.79!

Im always trying to juggle around my cards and keys while working out. Ive even tried an awful fanny pack but it just got in the way and I hated it.

Ever go to that bathroom and some how while redressing you drop your card in the toilet? That horror story happened to me the other day and I knew something had to change. When I heard of this water bottle I knew I had to have one.

Now while working out I can keep all my essentials right in my bottle, I will be more organized and ready to go in no time flat. This water bottle is my dream come true.

Plus this bottle features an autosealing lid that automatically seals in between sips. No more spills and leaks. No spouts to open or lids to remove is awesome just press to sip and release to automatically seal.

I chose free in-store pickup to save on shipping.


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