Cooks 2.5 Liter Air Fryer Down To $22 @ JC Penney

Cooks 2.5 Liter Air Fryer Down To $22 @ JC Penney

This super hot deal is back! If you have been waiting to find a great deal on an air fryer this is the one.

Right now this air fryer drops to $42.49 with code SALE36 Even sweeter it qualifies for a $20 Rebate bringing it down even further to $22.49!

This is the best price ever on an air fryer of this size.

Cooking healthy is as simple as making all of your deep-fried favorites in this appliance but the catch is without grease.

That's right no more unhealthy grease dripping to get that ultimate crunch. Instead, you will still get the same flavors without the grease ridden fat and high cholesterol from a regular deep fryer.

Even sweeter no more icky bottom deep fryers to clean. Instead simply take out the basket and throw it in the dishwasher and be done.

Plus you're in total control whether you want to cook your fries at 400 or your chicken at 350 you can choose the exact degrees you want along with how long you want to cook up to 60 minutes.

The $20 Rebate comes as a prepaid visa card so you can use it to purchase anything you desire. I personally use rebates to help pay for my holiday gifts so my wallet doesn't scream come December.

Shipping is free with any $99 or more purchase.

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