Crayola Sketch Wizard $6 @ Walmart

Crayola Sketch Wizard $6 @ Walmart

Steal alert! Right now, Walmart is offering this Crayola Sketch Wizard for only $6! Plus you'll be able to get free shipping with Shipping Pass (free 30 day trial) or you can select FREE in-store pickup to save on shipping.

The Crayola Sketch Wizard is one of those toys that will keep the kids busy on rainy days. It's a fun way to bring our you child's creative side, you'll watch the kids want to draw (easily trace) cartoons and characters for hours on end.

It's a cool little set for your aspiring artist that is a lot cheaper than buying an actual camera or even an art easel!

It's super easy too, the Crayola Sketch Wizard tool makes it so kids can easily trace images from paper for themselves. The device also works with tablets and smart phones too!

I go ahead and grab toys that are deeply discounted throughout the year and store them away for Christmas, it's a great way to save some money and stock up, while having to do less shopping come December. Looks like this one just made the list!

This little set is usually $20 at Walmart, but just this week they've rolled it back for us to save! For comparison the next lowest price for this toy is $8 elsewhere. That's 57% the regular price!


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