Crayola Ultimate Minions Creativity Art Case $5 @ Walmart

Crayola Ultimate Minions Creativity Art Case $5 @ Walmart

Looking for an affordable activity for the kids to kick off summer with? Head over to Walmart where you can score this Crayola Ultimate Minions Creativity Art Case on Clearance for JUST $5!

This same case is $10 on Amazon right now! Want to make it an even sweeter deal? Seleect FREE in-store pickup to save on shipping!

There's been a ton of sales and clearance on Minions stuff and I've been loving it! My kids can't get enough minions and since most the stuff is otherwise stuff I'd be buying for summer activities anyway (just with cute little minions on the boxes) why not get it at a great price?

This creative art case comes with it all! Crayons, markers, paint brushes stickers you name it! The perfect little kit for creative play for the little ones. Plus it's just $5 and will keep my two girls busy for hours.

Here's whats included..

  • Minions Themed Crayons
  • 20-Page Sktech Tablet
  • Three Broadline Ultra Clean Markers
  • 8-Count Watercolors + Brush
  • 10 Coloring Pages
  • One-Sheet Stickets
  • 30-Page Mini Construction Paper Pad
Not a bad haul for just 5 bucks! Make sure you choose site to store to save on shipping!


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