CuddleUppets The Puppet Blanket Just $5 @ Hollar

CuddleUppets The Puppet Blanket Just $5 @ Hollar

It's a puppet, its a blanket, no its actually a CuddleUppet and will keep the kids entertained and warm all year long.

These super adorable CuddleUppets are priced at just $5!

These are going for $15+ from every other retailer and as seen on TV for $19.99.

The kids can cuddle at night while playing with their new puppet friend throughout the day. These animals are so cute that I might even need to get myself one.

These guys are new to Hollar today but they have done sold out of the elephant, brown dog and bear. You will want to be fast while they still have several selections available include the adorable purple monkey.

Shipping is free with a $25+ purchase.


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