Danielle Morgan Paisley Quilted Diaper Bag Just $6 @ Hollar

Danielle Morgan Paisley Quilted Diaper Bag Just $6 @ Hollar

If you're looking for a great deal on a great bag, head over to Hollar right now where you can score this Danielle Morgan Paisley Quilted Diaper Tote Bag for just $6! Danielle Morgan bags are selling for $30 at other retailers like Target right now so this is definitely a price to jump on! Plus you can get free shipping with your first $10 order or free shipping on any order of $25 after that.

If you're a big fan of Vera Bradley then Danielle Morgan is another designer to keep your eye on. Her quilted bags in beautiful prints are always an eye catcher. But rarely do you find it for this cheap! Plus there doesn't appear to be a limit on how many of these you can order like there sometimes is at Hollar so if you have a new mom or mom-to-be that you're buying for, this would be a great idea to grab for them too!

I don't even use a diaper bag myself anymore but I grabbed up this deal because it would make a great weekender bag and a bag to keep in the car when we're on the road. After all, there's always essentials to be toted around when you have kids - not just diapers and baby stuff!

At Hollar orders ship in minimums of $10. Your first $10 order qualifies for free shipping. Then after that orders of $25 or more ship for free. If you've already used your free shipping on your first $10 order you could always use a new email address to qualify.

And just browse around at all the great deals to find at least a $4 filler item to reach the $10 minimum. I never have a hard time finding stuff I didn't even know I needed at Hollar. Especially with things like back to school and holidays coming up. They've always got great deals on stuff.


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