Discovery Kids Water Laser Tag Set $20 @ Toys R Us

Discovery Kids Water Laser Tag Set $20 @ Toys R Us

Talk about a fun game that we all can get involved in! We absolutely love laser tag and never knew there was a water tag version until now.

Im to excited over this and priced at only $19.99 I cant wait to play with the kids.

This set will have us all out enjoying the fresh sun while having fun and with the adjustable one size fits all vests its perfect for parents as well.

Simply fill the gun with water from a bucket and shoot your opponent. The first person who fills up the others person vest indicator wins!

Want to play with more then just 2 people? Simply change the rules to each person that gets their vest filled up looses and the last person standing wins.

This is a game that we all can get into so I ordered two sets. Not only is this perfect for at home in the yard but since its so portable we can take it to Grandmas and even camping or to the park.

Plus any order of $29+ ships free so simply bump your order up to score free shipping or opt for free in-store pickup. This game is totally going to be worth it.


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