Disney Bubble Blowing 6V Scooter From $40 @ Walmart

Disney Bubble Blowing 6V Scooter From $40 @ Walmart

Now this is what we call a cool scooter! It not only blows bubbles but its powered by a 6 volt battery making it the funnest ride-on ever!

Plus right now you can score the Cars one for just $39.97 or the princess one for $48.84.

Scooters are a classic toy that I loved when I was a kid and my children share the same love for them now.

But things just got cooler as these automatically blow bubbles and will have the kids scooting around in a bubble wonderland.

Even sweeter they can choose for it to self power itself with the rechargeable 6 volt battery! Simply jump on and ride away.

Just when I thought scooters couldnt get anymore fun I was wrong. The kids are going to flip out when they see these.

The Cars scooter is unavailable for shipping but simply choose free in-store pickup (where available) to still snag this amazing buy.

Alternatively the princess scooter comes with free shipping straight to your door!


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