Disney Family Feud Board Game $17.95 @ Amazon

Disney Family Feud is the perfect game for your next family game night!
Disney Family Feud Board Game $17.95 @ Amazon

Looking for that perfect game to play with the family over the holidays this year? Survey says the Disney Family Feud game is the board game you'll want to go with for all the Disney lovers out there.

The classic Family Feud game now has an all new Disney twist, with questions from Pixar movies, classic book characters, to tv show favorites this fun game will test your knowledge and let you rack up the points.

The game is played in three rounds followed by the fast money bonus round. The team with the higher score wins and is crowned the Disney Family Feud champion and gets to hold all Disney bragging rights!

Challenge family and friends to see who knows Disney best, from questions like "Which Disney villain is most likely to cheat at board games?" to "How many slices of pizza do you think Goofy could eat in one sitting?" this awesome game has over 400 fun and entertaining Disney related questions that'll never get old.

What's great is it even has a lot of questions from the movies that've come out recently like Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen and Toy Story. If you know someone who can't get enough Disney, this is the board game you'll want to challenge them to and see if they can prove it by becoming the Disney Family Feud Champion!

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