Do Not Disturb I'm Playing Fortnite Socks Just $7 @ Amazon

Do Not Disturb I'm Playing Fortnite Socks Just $7 @ Amazon

Are you tired of kicking back to play a round of the super popular Fortnite and someone always comes to aggravate you?

Do you just wish you could give people the signal before they even looked your way? These socks are defiantly for you and me both and are priced at just $6.99 each!

This house runs on Fortnite and I will be honest when I say I love it just as much as the kids do.

What would a Fortnite fan be without a pair of matching socks to kick off the game with style?

These amazing socks have a gaming controller and Do Not Disturb written on one sock and the other says I'm Playing Fortnite. Kick up your feet and the point will surely get across.

With 100% cotton, you can bet these are very soft, breathable and moisture wicking so they will provide pure comfort wrapped around your feet in our out of your shoes.

These would make a great holiday gift or a just because of gift for your Fortnite loving fan. No matter whom you buy them for they are sure to smile with delight.

Shipping is free with any $25 or more purchase.


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