$5 Bathing Suits and Coverups @ Hollar

$5 Bathing Suits and Coverups @ Hollar

Oh mama this is a swim sale you definitely don't want to miss! Spending all that money on floaties, pool tools, suits and towels for the kids doesn't mean you can't still get a sweet new suit for yourself on a dime.

Right you can get $5 Bathing Suits and Coverups at Hollar! (Individual pieces are regularly $14 and up each)!

And these aren't hideous suits either - There are a ton of styles and colors to choose from and they are all super cute! (The black and white gingham is probably my favorite). Halter tops, bandeaus, bikinis...with all the different styles there's a suit for every body type!

With a price like these you can afford to get yourself a suit AND a coverup without feeling any guilt at all. And as if you need a little nudge, you can get free shipping on any order $25 and up too! ;)


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