Don't Step In It Unicorn Edition Game Just $20 @ Amazon

Don't Step In It Unicorn Edition Game Just $20 @ Amazon

Unicorns mixed with poop, of course, every kid has got to have this must have game.

If you have been looking high and low for this super popular game now is the time go grab it up as its back in stock and only $19.99!

This is an Amazon exclusive edition and it has been terrible trying to find it in stock so if this is on the must-have list now is the time to grab it up.

This Unicorn edition is totally epic. The object of the game is to walk up the rainbow lane without stepping in unicorn do-doo.

Oh but it's not as easy as you think because you are blindfolded! Step high or step low you just don't want to feel that poo.

To win all players reach the other side and whoever stepped in the less doo wins the game. But with the silly spinner that tells you how many poo's to put on the mat to how many steps you must take its harder and a whole lot more funnier then you could ever imagine.

This unicorn game is the perfect addition to family game night. It will give everyone in the family a laughing good time while preschoolers are just as happy to play without needing to learn a lot of directions.

Shipping is free.

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