Dunking Buddy Magnetic Cookie Dunker $9 @ Amazon

Dunking Buddy Magnetic Cookie Dunker $9 @ Amazon

Milk & Cookies anyone? Head over to Amazon where you can get the Dunking Buddy in Blue for just $9.15! Shipping is just $2.80 making it $11.95 total shipped. But you can buy more and save on this item too. If you get 3 it's just $21.85 plus $2.80 for shipping (or $7.28 each plus shipping).

These clever little devices just made enjoying milk and cookies with the kids soooo much better! No they don't have to shove their whole little grubby hands into the glass of milk to dunk their cookie. You just load the magnetic cookie tray up with your cookies and then slide the little magnetic knob on the exterior of the glass to dunk the tray under the milk.

Count to your desired level of milkiness and slide the magnetic knob back up, grab your cookie and enjoy! No more big cookie chunks dropping to the bottom of your glass now either. This thing is genius!

If you're going with multi-quantities just note that if you buy 6 they're priced at $44.95 (nearly $7.50 each plus shipping) though so they're cheapest if you do them in the quantity of three instead.

It comes with a cup that the kids will probably enjoy using but you can also use it with just about any cup too because the magnets work through the cup - not actually on it. Plus the whole piece is dishwasher safe so when you're done just toss it in the top rack and you're good.


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