Easy Fruit Slicer Tool $2.59 @ Gearbest

Easy Fruit Slicer Tool Just $2.59

Check this out! This awesome little fruit slicer tool is on sale on GearBest for JUST $2.59 and it's ships FREE!

Slice fruit perfectly every time with this tool that makes cutting carrots, apples, bananas and other fruit a breeze!

There are some little gadgets I just have to use in my kitchen and this is one of them. Not having to slice up a fruit or veggie 25 times that end up uneven or not the right size is a thing of the past. This little slicer makes perfect slices every time.

And it's not just for tomatoes either, it's great for lemons, limes, potatoes, eggs, you name it you can probably use it, this thing can be used to slice up a ton!


  • Rebecca B.

    Wonder if they have a sweet potato one? lt :see_no_evil:

  • Rebecca B.

    Wonder if they have a sweet potato one? lt :see_no_evil:

    • Natalie G.

      Omg I need one of those for everything I cut now :grin: I get so nervous lol :syringe::speak_no_evil:

    • Rebecca B.


  • Chris B.

    For onions too yeah ?

  • Justin W.

    Where can I get this

    • Mom D.

      :) http://www.momdeals.com/kitchen/easy-fruit-slicer-tool-dollar-259-gearbest-2056

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