Electronic Razor Spider-Man Dirt Bike Ride On For Older Children $299 @ Walmart

Electric Razor Spider-Man Dirt Bike $299

Did you know that Razor made electronic dirt bikes for kids long past the power wheels phase? This is one bike that will make you tween or teen very excited!

Plus its in cool Spider-Man print and priced at just $299! Totally beats paying thousands for a gasoline one.

My son was wanting a dirt bike but I didn't want to pay up the cash. Someone in the neighborhood started riding one of these and once I saw the price tag I to became completely excited!

This is just like a dirt bike and its made for kids 13+ however my son is younger then 13 and has no issues what so ever riding it.

Plus this is made to last and last with a chain driven motor and a rear disc brakes plus a twist grip throttle it is the real deal and has made my little man super excited.

Even sweeter this ships completely free straight to your door and this is the only retailer that is selling it so you know your getting the best price around.

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