Emerald 4 Liter Air Fryer Down To $30 @ Best Buy

Emerald 4 Liter Air Fryer Down To $30 @ Best Buy

Best Buy's daily deals have been on our radar lately and this air fryer totally has my attention.

While normally $59.99 for a limited time you can score it for $29.99 saving you half off!

This is the best price ever on an air fryer of this size and you can bet it is going to sell out.

Let's face it everyone loves that taste of crunchy deep-fried foods but did you know that you can get the same crunch without all the fattening grease?

That is exactly what an air fryer does it can air fry your food without the need of a gallon of oil and it comes out tasting absolutely amazing right down to the crunchiest last bite.

This air fryer is the big 4-liter version which is perfect for my family of 4. In fact, it even has enough capacity for the company as well.

If your new years resolution includes eating healthier this is a great start for not only yourself but your family too. You won't lose out on the crunchy deliciousness but will lose the greasy fat and high cholesterol from a deep fryer.

Plus the basket is dishwasher safe making cleanup a total breeze. No more icky bottom deep fryer to clean or re-use. Simply throw the washable part in the dishwasher and cleanup is done.

This model comes complete with a timer and temperature selector so no matter if you want to cook chicken, fries, or egg rolls you can be precise and they will turn out crunchy and golden every single time.

Shipping is free with any $35+ purchase.

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