Extra 20% Off Warehouse Deals Are Live @ Amazon

Extra 20% Off Warehouse Deals Are Live @ Amazon

Did you know there is a secret way to shop Amazon? Its the Warehouse, they have massive savings on brand new items with damaged boxes.

To celebrate Prime Day Amazon just launched an extra 20% off most of their warehouse items and you have got to check out these savings!

The best part is there is no pesky promo code needed simply click on the 20% off box near the price of your item and everything else is automatically done for you at checkout!

Check out some of these savings:

We can not stress enough how quick you have to be on warehouse deals. Most of these items only have 1-2 items in stock.

These items are listed as used since the boxes are damaged. Amazon has their same incredible warranty on each product just as they do regular purchases.

Shipping is free for prime members.


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