Fabric Tepee Just $10 @ Walmart

Fabric Tepee Just $10 @ Walmart

Today only, hop over to Walmart where you can one of these awesome Fabric Tepees in pink for just $9.97! They also have the same tent in blue on sale for just $13 as well if you'd rather.

These tepee's are a fun little addition to any children's room and will have them doing all of their favorite activities.. inside there tent! You'll find them watching movies and having snacks inside their tent whenever they get a chance! It's like a permanent fort they get to enjoy.

An idea to promote summer reading is to encourage little ones to read a book inside their tent! For some reason all the things they usually do like watching movies or having a snack becomes 10 times more fun when they are doing it inside the tent. So why not get them to grab a book and enjoy that too? Reading in their tent will become one of their favorite activities!


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