Fanny Pack Coolers Only $6 @ Target

Perfect for a trip to the park and a bottle of wine!
Fanny Pack Coolers Only $6 @ Target

Although I'm not the biggest fan of fanny packs making a comeback, this is one of those trends that comes back that'll I'll have to give into, even if it's just for wine night!

These Fanny Pack Coolers are actually insulated so you'll be able to keep drinks and snacks cool while on the go. These best part is the price, these are only $6 so we don't expect them to last long.

Whether you're going to the park or just hanging in the backyard this summer, you'll want to grab your fanny pack cooler before you go. Not only will you look like an absolute boss with this hilarious fanny pack around your waste, but everyone at the party will know you're responsible for keeping drinks and snacks cool on those warm summer days and that's always a huge responsibility you should be proud of.

The fanny pack coolers are designed by The Sun Squad and there's a variety of really summery patterns to choose from including Iridescent, Grapefruit, Tropical Leaf, Rainbow, Watermelon and Cabana. I'm really digging Iridescent (which is pictured above) and the Tropical Leaf style both look like they'd be fun to wear.

The only problem is not getting the kids to force me to take it off, I'll have to make sure I secure mine with a lock.

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