Feisty Pets Halloween Masks Just $15 @ Walmart

Feisty Pets Halloween Masks Just $15 @ Walmart

The super popular Feisty Pets are back but this year it's with Halloween cheer that every kid is going to want.

Instead of plush toys these guys are wearable masks and priced at just $14.99 each!

These masks are just like the plush toys and look super cute and adorable. But move your jaw and they transform in a fang roaring monster.

Imagine trick or treating in your favorite Feisty Pet. The kids will be thrilled to show their fangs to all that pass them.

You can choose between Sammy and Sir-Growls-A-Lot but that could change at any time as we expect these to be super popular this year and sell out way before Halloween.

Shipping is free.


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