Fingerlings Interactive Baby Dragons Just $14.84 @ Walmart

Fingerlings Interactive Baby Dragons Just $14.84 @ Walmart

Just when you thought Fingerlings couldn't get any more adorable these baby dragons arrive.

Absolutely the next hit in the Fingerlings lineup it's easy to admit for just $14.84 I want to collect them all.

These little fingerlings are seriously fierce while being hot-headed.

The baby dragons respond to sound, motion, and touch with blinking eyes, head turns and fun dragon noises you will never want to put them down.

It gets even better every time you blow them a kiss they will kiss you back. Hold them upside down or make loud noises and they get a little crazy.

Ready for your new best friend to go to sleep? Simply rock them right in your hands and their eyes will shut as they fall into a deep sleep.

Sounds pretty amazing right? Every kid is going to want one of these or maybe even want to collect them all so you can place them together and hear them sing.

These have been rare to find in-stock so we advise to buy now and save for the holidays.

Shipping is free with any $35 or more purchase.


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