Floating Cooler Boat $73 (Reg. $90) @ Houzz

Floating Cooler Boat $73 (Reg. $90) @ Houzz

The Floating Cooler Boat has my name written all over it. Designed to keep your drinks cold so you don't have to get out of the pool or lake, the cooler boat is the ultimate way way to keep beverages cold and within reach.

This Floating Cooler Boat is perfect for the pool, the beach, the lake or if you're anchored out on the boat and just need a cold one.

I think this would be great for our pool and the lake because I hate having to get out of the pool, or out of the lake just to grab a drink. There really isn't anything more inconvenient when I'm trying to relax.

It also has two convenient cup holders if you don't like keeping your arm out of the water to keep your drink cold (because who does).

This awesome floating cooler boat holds around 40 cans inside, and it's super well made and durable, but what really gets me is the design. It's build like a boat and comes with a rope that you can attach anywhere to keep it from floating away.

You'll also be the true MVP if you grab this and bring it to your summer shindig, we can assure that.


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