Floaty Pants Hands-Free Party Flotation Device $40 @ Walmart

Floaty Pants Hands-Free Party Flotation Device $40 @ Walmart

Planning any floating this summer? Make life easier with a float you can wear. You can get these Floaty Pants Hands-Free Party Floatation Device right now at Walmart for $39.99 in your choice of design and size. Plus they ship for free!

These Floaty Pants are sure to be a hit at the pool, lake, river, or whatever body of water you plan to have your body in. They're come in basic or hilarious prints to keep everyone cracking up.

Have you ever taken a life jacket and turned it upside down and worn it like a diaper to try to get your float on? It might work a while but it's not so comfortable.

These Floaty Pants are designed to be worn that way so they won't slip off and will keep you afloat the right way while you enjoy the water. You can choose from sizes M or L in Blue, Camouflage, Ab Man Speedo, Red or Sexy Thong Bikini.

You can also get them over at Amazon for the same price and a couple different styles too including Maui Man, American Flag (and Ab Man & Blue).

But they are running super low on stock right now with less than a ten of each style so you'll either have to grab them fast there or just grab them from Walmart. Either way they ship free though.


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