Ford F-150 3 Ways To Play Baby Walker $58 @ Walmart

Ford F-150 3 Ways To Play Baby Walker $58 @ Walmart

Calling all Ford lovers! Now your baby can style around in their own F-150 just like you.

This walker has 3 ways to play and will grow with your little one and priced at only $58 your getting a huge steal as this goes for $100+ everywhere else.

I was looking for an awesome baby shower gift when I ran into this. My friend drives an F-150 and I couldn't pass this up. Now her princess can have her very own.

This baby walker can be used as a walker with 2 different fashions, once baby gets sturdier it also converts to a push behind toy and to top it off the steering wheel playset comes off so your little one can also play with it while in the floor.

This is like the ultimate walker and Im so happy I found it. Im sure she is going to really love it just as much and it will be used for a really long time.

This walker also include free 2 day shipping straight from Walmart to your door. You cant beat a deal like this.


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