Fred Dinner Winner Kids’ Dinner Tray $8 (Reg. $20) @ Toys R Us

Fred Dinner Winner Kids’ Dinner Tray $8 (Reg. $20) @ Toys R Us

Turn dinner time into fun time! Even picky eaters will chow down their veggies when you turn it into a fun game with a winning surprise at the end!

While these trays normally run $20 right now you can score one for only $7.98!

You will want to hurry on this deal. This was originally posted for Amazon but they sold out. However you can still grab it for the same price from Toys R Us.

This dinner tray turns dinner time into a game where kids start at the beginning and eat their way to the finish line.

Even my pickest of eaters will eat his peas when I put them in this tray. He is always amazed to find what the surprise is at the end.

The end of the tray has a covered spot to put in a dessert or even small toy. The kids have no idea what is hidden inside until they eat the all of their food.

This has to be the best tray ever but don't just take my word for it, you will find amazing reviews right on the product page.

From Amazon this deal is an add-on item which means it needs a $25+ purchase to ship. I simply bought several trays to get over the shipping threshold but you can mix and match anything.


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