FREE Custom Pet Tags @ Shutterfly

FREE Custom Pet Tags @ Shutterfly

Happy national dog day!

Today only, head over to Shutterfly where they are offering a FREE Pet Tags (a $6.99 value) with promo code BESTFRIEND at checkout. You'll just have to pay the shipping (which was only $3.99 for me) but this is still a great freebie!

Even if you don't have pets, these tags are great to get for things like backpacks, lunch bags, luggage, keys, etc. Parents are ingenious creatures really, check out some great suggestions for these tags...

Kids School Supplies: Personalize these with your child's name and picture and put them on their backpacks, lunch bags, coats, etc! And you can add your phone number to the back so that if these items are ever lost, they can be returned to you easily.

Lost Keys: Use these tags on your keys. Then if you lose them and you have a tag with your phone number on it, there is a better chance you will get them back!

Lost Child: If you're heading to a crowded park or event, these are great to clip to your child's belt loops. Just put a picture of yourself or your husband with "MOM" and your phone number. Then, if your worst nightmare happens and you get separated from your child, they will know what you look like and your phone number.

Medical Reasons: If you have a child with special medical needs (Like a Diabetic kiddo) you can make a tag with their school picture and add medical info such as "T1D Insulin Dependent" on the front along with your phone number on the back. This would be great on their backpack or attached to a coat zipper so if they are even having a medical situation, emergency responders will be able to see it and act quickly! This is genius!

Diet Restrictions: If you have a child with any special diet needs or food-allergies this would also be great to have for them to clip on to their backpack, lunch bag, coat or clothing. You could add their name and photo along with allergy info (such as "Peanut Allergy" or "No Dairy") to it and your phone number on the back to contact in case of an emergency.

So hurry over to Shutterfly today while this deal is happening and get your tags before this offer ends!


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