FREE Entrance w/ Costco Card @ Sam’s Club

FREE Entrance w/ Costco Card @ Sam’s Club

Hey bargain hunting Costco members, this offer is pretty sweet! Even if you love Costco you will probably want to check it out anyway. Right now thru July 4th Sam's Club is letting Costco members use their Costco membership cards to go try out Sam's Club for FREE!

If you've contemplated joining Sam's Club or just want to compare deals and offers they carry it's a great idea to go check it out now because your Costco Membership Card is now your free Sam's Club Card at ALL of their locations!

If you love it, you can join Sam's Club for as low $45 a year. There's lots of similar perks but one major one you may enjoy is that they accept all major credit cards (Costco currently only accepts AmEx and is just starting to take Visa).

I know plenty of other moms who are members of both so there's obviously plenty of perks! Personally I think they're both a great deal so I am definitely going to head to Sam's this week!


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