Frog Potty Training Urinal $6.47 @ Amazon

Frog Potty Training Urinal $6.47 @ Amazon

Working on potty training? Here's one awesome solution worth trying! Head over to Amazon where as part of their deal of the day you can score this Vktech Frog Potty Training Urinal for less than $7.

Kids will love potty training on this frog shaped urinal that is super cute and comes with a rotating windmill to keep your little guy focused!

A lot of moms will write off urinals for potty training but they really are a great tool to make it easier for the child to feel at ease and make the process funner by having them want to "Pee like daddy".

Kids are always trying to emulate things grownups are doing. Since they've seen daddy pee standing up, they want to emulate that and do it how he does it or as my little guy would say "like a man". These mini urinals make it easy for boys to have fun and keep the process less frustrating that are definitely worth giving a try!

Not to mention these little urinals will mean less cleaning up for mommy and are just 6 bucks with free shipping! Not a bad deal if I say so myself!


  • Jasmine Y.

    Ya I want this

  • Ivana H.

    Yes! I've seen those they really are. I'm just afraid to show him how to stand and pee:joy:

  • Deborah O.

    voor onze boys:heart::joy:

  • Emmalyne R.

    this would be perfect for your boys. Haha

  • Jayde G.

    Thats pretty sweet and u can set it at there level so no need for a stool

  • Mackenzie B.

    I know! So awesome

  • Mandi T.

    stuff i know nothing about!! But this looks like a useful thing for a little boy!!

    • Alyce F.

      I have this in watching file on eBay lol I want one but the only place I have to hang it is under the towel rack and then I couldn't use that :(

  • Randi C.

    We have one :)

  • Rebecca B.

    Haha do you want a wee urinal... For and Kyle that is lol

    • Nikki G.

      Lol lol lol $7 is a bargain! Kyle would just love it :speak_no_evil:

  • Emma L.

    dis wud b so cute n ur bathroom, eoghan would prob spray da walls do hahaha :joy::joy::joy:

    • Jessica G.

      Ya are you mad he already drives me insane with the toilet no mind this

  • Catherine N.

    imagine Adam using one of these ha ha

  • Kori J.

    I just tried to buy it and it said it can't be shipped to my address. I don't know where else to buy them :( it's so cute

  • Sara G.

    would this help with your pee all over problem

  • Mairead M.

    I am buying one for your house when Charlie's training be too cool.

    • Lisa M.

      Haha prob shoulda had one of them for Jp he won't use them still

  • Janae F.

    There must be somewhere here that has similar things IL look lol

  • Derek B.

    dean and Charlie would love this lol

    • Skye M.

      That is so cute. Dean asked can he have one too haha.

    • Derek B.

      I reckon il get one at my house so when he comes over he doesn't have any accidents lol

    • Skye M.

      Hahaha great plan! Add it to the reno list!

  • Amy F.

    dint think id be game enough to try these...I don't even want to imagine the mess the boys would make!!

    • Nicole W.

      Oh my goodness!

    • James H.

      These are rad I want one

    • Adam D.

      But you sit down to do wees?

  • Emily E.


  • Samantha C.

    I used one of these for my son, and it was amazing for toilet training

  • Emma G.

    Lacey would love this if there was a girl version. But she's pretty much got it sussed now :ok_hand_tone1:

    • Tamara S.

      She so would haha

  • Chris D.

    Tim Driscoll so rori dont miss

  • Hayley H.

    Oh awesome thanks hunni

  • Jessica D.

    I really think you should try this :blush:

  • DeeDee S.

    And Ethan when he gets a little older

  • Priscilla C.

    put it outside for hunter lol

    • Bianca K.

      Dont need too. He has pretty good aim already. Ask dinga and his foot :joy::joy:

    • Priscilla C.


      I was thinking saves running inside all the time lol he can have one out side too lol U can put near the hose at the back :joy: Wasn't thinking about the aim part but glad hunter has that part under control I bet dinga won't stand close next time :joy::joy:

  • Ines W.

    What happens if he can't aim!? :joy::joy:

  • Hannah M.

    Lol I'm sure he will be like all males n get it everywhere anyway

  • Jemma A.


  • Kimberly J.

    My gurls would probably try to sit on it. Lmao

  • Jordan F.

    How cute is this!! I dont know how helpful itd be but still super cute

    • Sarah B.

      :joy::joy: oi so cute

  • Anne A.

    for Alex ..?...:blue_heart:

  • Amy B.

    Today was the first day on the toilet... he screamed like a bitch then asked for toilet paper to wipe his dick :joy:

  • Sabrina D.

    Tiger Brown

  • Crystal T.

    Ive got one aunty best thing ever

  • Grace B.

    is this what you got jack?

    • Stacey B.

      Yeah that's it there really good Hun u should get one for Blake xx

  • Shawnee B.

    i have one at home if you want it.

  • Leila H.

    Bahaha Amy !

    These are cute

  • Bobbi A.

    I am not dumping his pee, ewww!

  • Stacey W.

    I wish our toilet was bigger so I had room to put this in there!!

  • Sara S.

    Oh my wonder if they are any good?

  • Kristal A.

    Is there any reviews on it?

  • Parisa C.

    you need to get this for James...I wish I got one for Cade.

    • Jeila M.

      Will it splash back up in his face?

    • Parisa C.

      lol that's a good question :joy:

  • Sarah H.

    this is what Archie needed!!!

  • Angelina P.

    for leo it might work

  • Annette P.

    dr at work had one said they are awezome. Suction cup to wall. You can get them on a shopping app also called wish alot cheaper.

    • Kristal A.

      ^^ a dr at mums work has one.

    • Sara S.

      Oh my god I want one!!!!!!!!

  • Hope G.

    i seen this too !!!!

  • Hazel A.

    just tryed to order but cant ship to my address

  • Vikki M.

    Good idea!!

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