Full Body Maternity Pillow Down To $25 @ Walmart

Full Body Maternity Pillow Down To $25 @ Walmart

Let's face it being pregnant is hard on the back, knees, hips well you get it your just uncomfortable everywhere.

But this maternity pillow lets you get your ZZZ's on and for a limited time its marked down to just $24.99!

This pillow originally goes for $61.88 making this a total steal.

With the full U shape you will be in comfort no matter which way you lay.

It can provide back support, tummy support and even raise your knees and hips so no matter which way you choose to use it one thing is for certain that its a total pain saver.

This pillow even has an hour glass inner that curves around and contours your entire back making it not just perfect for pregnancy but sciatica, fibromyalgia and more.

It's easy to say that this pillow will be used on a regular basis and it even has a removable and washable outer case to keep it spic and span.

This would be the perfect baby shower gift for an expecting momma. Who says baby showers have to be all baby stuff?

Shipping is free with a $35+ purchase.


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