FurReal Friends JJ My Jumpin' Pug Pet $33 @ Walmart

FurReal Friends JJ My Jumpin' Pug Pet $33 @ Walmart

Right now you can score the FurReal Friends JJ My Jumpin Pug Pet at Walmart for just $33.49. Plus you can get free 2-day shipping with an order of $35 or more so throw in a pack of batteries or any other item for a buck-and-a-half and get it shipped right to your door for free.

These FurReal Friends Pets are one of the hot items for the year. In fact it's pretty hard to find them online and even in-stock in stores. And this little pug is adorable!

But not only does he look like a real pug but he acts like one too! This little guy jumps and barks when you wave at him or pet his head. Pet his back and he'll sit down like a good boy. He's got super soft fur too so he's basically everything you want in a pet without the need to buy food or clean up poop!

You can also score the FurReal Friends Bootsie the Cat for $37.50 right now. This one qualifies for free 2-day shipping without the need to add any filler items to the order too since it's over $35.

There are all sorts of animals to choose from and these FurReal Friends pets are selling for all sorts of prices. The higher priced one being the FurReal Friends Starlily My Magical Unicorn which is priced around $100 - $120 everywhere. But right now you can get it for just $79.98 shipped at Toys R Us! That's the lowest price we've seen on this one anywhere!


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