FurReal Friends Starlily My Magical Unicorn $40 Off @ Toys R Us

FurReal Friends Starlily My Magical Unicorn $40 Off @ Toys R Us

Quick! Right now at Toys R Us you can score this FurReal Friends Starlily My Magical Unicorn toy for more than $40 off! It's priced at just $79.98 right now (regularly $120)! Plus even better, the shipping is free too!

This was one of the first things my daughter asked for for Christmas this year. And I can't blame her either. Starlily is an interactive toy that can flutter her wings, flash her horn in different colors to tell her mood, move her front legs, sit, stand and lay down. She'll even move on cue whenever she hears music!

These FurReal Friends are some seriously cute interactive toys. They've got all sorts of animals to choose from but, obviously, this unicorn is taking the cake in being a favorite.

Trouble is that it's either sold out or has a skyrocketed price tag on it that makes it a little out of budgeted for what I was willing to spend on it. Until now anyway. This is the lowest price on this Starlily Unicorn anywhere right now.

Walmart and Amazon have it for the regular $120 and Kohl's can't beat this price either. Not to mention the insane shopping craze that will be here soon and make this thing even harder to get. I'm thinking this is probably going to be the best time to grab it.

There's already limited stock so you'll have to be quick though. And be sure to check out some of these other FurReal Friends we spotted in-stock at Walmart earlier though too!


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