Gama-Go Unicorn Bandaids Are Now $3.43 @ Forever 21

These Unicorn Bandages will heal cuts and scrapes with the power of magic!
Gama-Go Unicorn Bandaids Are Now $3.43 @ Forever 21

Bring a smile to your little ones face the next time they get a scrape or scratch with these magical unicorn bandages that are on sale right now over at Forever 21 for just $3.43 a box.

Right now these are on sale for just $3.43 plus when you use promo code 2SHIP at checkout you'll get $2 shipping on these bandaids too! I'm going to grab a few while they're on sale and give them as gifts as well, especially with this $2 shipping promo code as we're expecting it to expire today.

These enchanted Gama-Go Unicorn Bandages are such a cute way to heal cuts and scrapes through the power of magic. The next time your little one gets a little cut or scrape you'll have to pull out these magical unicorn bandaids that'll make it all better and put a smile back on their face.

These packages come with 18 vibrantly colored sterile adhesive bandages but what really makes them stand out is they're die-cut in the shape of a unicorn so they really look good once they're applied.

These Gama-Go unicorn bandaids would make a fantastic gift for any unicorn lover you know! Don't forget to use coupon code 2SHIP at checkout where you'll be able to get these shipped to your house for just 2 bucks!

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