Golden Girls Accordion Sunshade $13.52 @ BoxLunch

Have you seen this Golden Girls sunshade? Where has this been my whole life?!
Golden Girls Accordion Sunshade $13.52 @ BoxLunch

It's time for a road trip to St. Olaf with the girls! Stay protected from the sun with this awesome sun shade. Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia will help protect your car from the heat and UV rays.

Whether you're going to grab ice cream, or commit a felony, this is the sunshade you'll need to keep your cool in the meantime while you decide. This accordion sunshade features our faves The Golden Girls icons Rose, Sophia, Blanche and Dorothy and is the sun shade we've been needing our whole lives!

This is such a fun/hilarious way to keep the car cool in the grocery store parking lot, this sun shade features the Golden Girls in all their glory and fits most cars and trucks at 57" x 27.5".

This is the best way to get double takes when your car is parked and don't be surprised if you get some comments. I saw one just like this recently that was Star Wars and got a kick out of it all by myself.

With how many sunshade you see in Phoenix it really stood out and is such a funny way to keep the car from getting too hot. This one will surely top it, plus it's on sale right now at Box Lunch but keep in mind when ordering from BoxLunch online shipping is a flat fee of $5.99 which still isn't a bad deal as these are $30 elsewhere.

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