Granite Ware Covered Oval Roaster Only $5.91 @ Amazon

Granite Ware Roaster Only $6 @ Amazon

Granite Ware has been around for ages and for good reason this stuff is exceptional and cooks perfectly.

Which makes me totally excited we just spotted this Granite Ware covered oval roaster for only $5.91! This saves you $9.21 and is an amazing buy!

The best part is this roaster is made right here in the USA!

This roaster will fit a turkey or chicken up to 7lb and is made of carbon steel construction with a porcelain surface.

This makes it safer then foil roasters and it cooks more evenly and browns better then any other pan out there.

This is an add-on item which means it requires a $25+ cart total to ship. But this is perfect to put in your cart now so you don't forget it with your next order.

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