Greedy Granny - Hilarious Teeth Flying Game Only $19 @ Toys R Us

Greedy Granny - The Teeth Flying Game $19

Make family game night a hilarious one with this super funny game! Granny fell asleep with treats in her lap try to get them without waking her up and her teeth flying out.

Right now this totally cute game is priced at just $18.74 saving you $6.25. Toys R Us is the only place you can grab one of these games without paying ridiculous fees from resellers.

When my kids saw this game they had to have it. Since I try to get them a new game every other month we went for the plunge and have been laughing since.

The logic of the game is simple so even young players can play. Granny is asleep in her chair and has a tray full of goodies in her lap, you try to pick off the goodies one at a time without waking granny up and sending her teeth flying.

To save on shipping opt for free in-store pickup otherwise shipping is free with a $29+ purchase.

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