Gym1 Indoor Doorway Playground $100 @ Zulily

Gym1 Indoor Doorway Playground $100 @ Zulily

The colder weather is sitting in and its time to start thinking about what the kids can do when its to cold to go outside and here is your answer!

This is an indoor playground, it takes up literally no space and its priced right now at just $99.99. I was one of the lucky ones who got this set last time it came around before it sold out and we love it.

I bought this originally because it just looked totally awesome and wow was I right. Plus no need to drill or hammer makes this set a dream come true.

When the weather is inclement and the kids cant go outside they can have just as much fun right in our house which gives me time to get the stuff done around the house, total score for me.

This indoor playground hangs right from your door way it comes with the core unit, swing, rings and ladder. Or for even more fun for just $25 more you can score the deluxe version that includes the core unit, swing, trapeze, rings, ladder and rope!

Finding this set on sale is super rare and that's why I grabbed it up last time I spotted it and it sold out not long after and we expect this set to do the same. If you are thinking about snagging one now it the time and believe me you will not regret it.

Shipping adds $6.95 but this scores you free shipping for the remainder of the day so you can purchase now and shop later on the same shipping charge.


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