Halloween String Lights Down To $2.99 @ Monoprice

Halloween String Lights Down To $2.99 @ Monoprice

Halloween is finally the next holiday coming up! If you have a party planned or just want to thrill the neighborhood kids you really need to check out these lights.

You can grab Halloween string lights for just $2.99, a total bargain!

While these skull lights are the only ones available for this price they also have a huge variety available for just $1 more!

Get ready to thrill your trick-or-treaters with these LED lights. Each strand comes with a fun design that is totally creepy but cool.

These lights use just 10 watts per string so you can keep the excitement up while keeping the electricity bill down, which is always a huge bonus for me.

Plus they each have an outlet at the end of the string making it to where you can hang string after string of these all from one single plugin.

Shipping adds $2.49.


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