Hands Free Hair Drying And Styling Hairdryer Stand $17 @ Walmart

Hands Free Hair Drying & Styling Stand $17

Every momma wishes she had an extra pair of hands for so many different tasks. Now for hair drying and styling you can!

This stand holds your hairdryer so you are able to style your hair as it dries and priced at just $16.96 you save $5.44!

This stand makes my hair styling a breeze! I simply put in my hair dryer, direct it the way I want and start blowing as I style.

This saves me a ton of time from blow drying and then styling. Plus its adjustable so I can put it in the floor or on the counter and it will be just the right height.

It comes with velcro to help secure in my dryer so even when clumsy me hits it then it doesn't come crashing down and perfect for when the baby comes in there as well, preventing him from getting burnt.

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