Heated Stadium Seat Only $25 @ Amazon

Heated Stadium Seat Only $25 @ Amazon

Cool weather is coming and what better way to stay warm on those super cold bleachers during the kids games then to bring your very own comfortable stadium seat that heats up.

Plus right now you can score one for just $24.95 saving me a ton while keeping me super comfy.

This seat is so great we bought one last year and this year Im coming back for one more.

Now me and hubby can both have a warm comfy chair while at the kids games and practices during this soccer and football season. Even better when we don't need the heat simply use it as a regular stadium chair.

No more hurting muscles and back pain for us, plus no more sitting there shivering and hoping time goes faster. Simply heat up your inside chair pad and bring it with you for a full 2 hours of heat that will keep you toasty the whole game.

Even sweeter prime members get free shipping! Not a prime member? No worries simply bump your order up another $0.05 for free shipping.


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