Here's Where You Can Buy The New Oreo Candy Canes Online

The perfect stocking stuffer for the Oreo lover in your life...
Here's Where You Can Buy The New Oreo Candy Canes Online

It's that time of year again, where we see pretty much every flavor candy cane you can imagine. And we just got word that folks are starting to see Oreo Candy Canes hit stores again. The good news? We're already starting to see these pop up online and as usual with these fun snacks, we're keeping track of where to buy them.

Oreo Candy Canes

While you might want to check out the Oreo section on your next grocery trip, there's also a bunch of online retailers you can score them from if you're looking for something to hold you over. We've seen them on Amazon where you can get a 1 pack for $7.02 and the more packs you buy the more you save.

Last year these were also available at Jet and Walmart but as of right now we're seeing the listing for Jet but they're out of stock at the time of this post. We'll keep you updated here as stock becomes available.

The only problem I'm having is not having these already to hand them out on Halloween, I'd love to see the kids faces as they're being given an Oreo candy cane, I'm sure parents would get a kick out of it. But don't expect these to be the last we find on our candy cane hunt, new flavors will get released the closer we get to Christmas.

Though we can't say whether these actually taste like Oreo's we'll have to leave it up to you. I'm actually planning on trying these because why not and when I do I'll come back and update this post for those Oreo lovers out there not sure whether to give these a try or not.

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