Home Run Splash Baseball Slip 'N Slide Just $26 @ Walmart

Home Run Splash Baseball Slip 'N Slide Just $26 @ Walmart

Batter up! Just when we thought there was nothing more fun than a slip 'n slide during the hot summer Banzai creates this baseball masterpiece!

This combines the best of both words and Walmart just reduced the price to $25.99 making it a fun summertime treat.

As a child, I spent hours of every week playing baseball with my friends. But when the weather got too hot we would call it for the day. This slip 'n slide is made with every child in mind no matter how hot the sun beats down.

Simply hook the water hose up and the water literally sprays the ball in the air. Take your chance and hit it to slide right down to the 1st base or will you be the first one to get a home run?

This exciting set even comes complete with the baseball bat and the ball! How cool is that? I can see using this not only for the kids but for parties, BBQ's, and anytime we have kids over.

Shipping is free with any $35+ purchase.

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