Hooded Unicorn Travel Neck Pillows $8.99 @ eBay

Why go with any old neck pillow when you can get a Unicorn neck pillow!
Hooded Unicorn Travel Neck Pillows $8.99 @ eBay

Looking for max comfort and style when you travel? Forget any old neck pillows, go with these unicorn neck pillows that are designed so you'll look like a unicorn while you sleep on the plane next time!

Right now, you can grab them for only $8.99 with free shipping when you grab them on eBay. Even sweeter, the more you buy the more you save. Buy two at $8.90 each or 3 for $8.72 if you're buying for a pack of unicorns.

I just got back from traveling and my biggest regret was not buying a neck pillow before hand. The prices in the airport are outrageous and the quality of the neck pillows isn't even that great. On top of that, I didn't see any neckpillows in the airport for sale with hoods, having a hood and a neck pillow combo looks so comfy.

I guess you could grab these are not wear them on plane rides, maybe just around the house when you're wanting to take a quick nap plus you'll look like a unicorn when doing so. These unicorn neck pillows feature a hood, a rainbow colored mane, a horn and come in either blue or pink.

After going through all the feedback on eBay these have some great reviews and ship fast from California. On top of that they seem to be ultra comfy and people just love them. If you're needing some neck pillows for your next trip with the fam, go with these, they're comfy and stylish and they ship free today!

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