Huge Meccano Sale = Meccasaur $25 (Reg. $70) + More @ Walmart

Huge Meccano Sale = Meccasaur $25 (Reg. $70) + More @ Walmart

Whoa if your child loves building and imagining then Meccano is the famous brand to go with. My son originally got the robot and has been collecting them since.

Which makes me totally excited that right now Meccano sets are on a huge sale and these discounts are as much as 70% off! At prices this low they are sure not to last long before they are sold out.

Meccano building sets are on my sons Christmas list, as I was hunting for some I ran across this sale. There is a ton of products and our favorites include:

Meccano-Erector - Meccanoid 2.0
Reg. $139.97
Meccano-Erector - Meccasaur
Reg. $69.59
M.A.X Robotic Interactive Toy with Artificial Intelligence
Reg. $149.99
Meccano-Erector 15 Model Set - Off-Road Rally
Reg. $24.97
Meccano-Erector - 20 Model Building Kit - Aerial Rescue
Reg. $29.97
Meccano-Erector - Meccano-Erectorid XL 2.0
Reg. $299.97
Meccano-Erector Tower Crane Model Set
Reg. $249.97
Meccano Junior - Rescue Fire Truck
Reg. $34.97
Meccano-Erector LaFerrari
Reg. $61.90

Meccano toys are awesome you get to put them together and then play. Most of them move by themselves as well. For instance the Meccasaur walks and even answers yes and no questions!

Shipping is free with a $35+ purchase otherwise if your order is under $35 choose free instore pickup to save on shipping.


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