Huge Pickup Discounts Throughout Site (Glitch?) @ Walmart

Huge Pickup Discounts Throughout Site (Glitch?) @ Walmart

We don't know if this is a glitch or if Walmart is just feeling really generous with their new Pickup Discounts but right now you can find a ton of great priced items for dirt cheap after getting a hefty Pickup Discount when you choose free in-store pickup instead of having your order shipped!

These items don't appear to have any common ground - it's on items all throughout their site in just about every department. But we've rounded up some that we spotted and will continue to update this post today as we find more. Take a look!





      Some items have been updated on the site so depending on when you're clicking through it may or may not still be available. Also, some items have sold out.

      But definitely worth checking out and seeing what deals you can score with this free in-store pickup incentive! Just choose the nearest Walmart store to pickup your order from!


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