Human Beer Pong Game Set Just $17 @ Bonanza

Invite the friends, this is going to be epic
Human Beer Pong Game Set Just $17 @ Bonanza

Adult fun just went to a whole new level. It's time to get on the phone and invite the friends over because this Human Beer Pong Game Set is sure to be the hit of the night. Plus it's priced at just $16.99 delivered and making its way right into my cart.

Human Beer Pong Game

This is played just like the traditional beer pong but with a huge twist. Each player puts the cup on top of their head to see who can get the most balls in the other teams' hat.

This game set includes 2 inflatable beer hats and a ball. When I think about throwing balls at the hubby and all the friends head all I can think about is the laughter this is sure to bring.

While this game can be played multiple ways my favorite rules include making the other team drink a cup or shot for every ball I plunge.

Shipping is free.

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  • Trish H.

    aww thats for sissys, try that with wine glasses, now ya got a game ;) hahahha

  • Trish H.

    Would be a super fun pool game though hahhaha

  • Tammy N.

    why can i see Chris and Casey playing this:rolling_eyes:

  • Trina T.