I Could Eat A Horse Pasta Measurer $11 @ Amazon

Never cook too much spaghetti again!
I Could Eat A Horse Pasta Measurer $11 @ Amazon

Every single time I make spaghetti I over measure and we end up with a mountain of spaghetti that never gets eaten and wasted. This I Could Eat A Horse Pasta Measurer for $10.94 will help me figure out the correct portion for each person even if they are hungry enough to eat a horse.

I Could Eat A Horse Pasta Measurer

This I could Eat A Horse Pasta Measurer helps you cook the right amount of Spaghetti for the whole family including men, women, children, and even horses.

Everyone has heard the saying "I'm So Hungry, I Could Eat A Horse" now you can fix that above average sized portion that is sure to keep you well fed no matter how hungry you are.

I know I for one have over made spaghetti pretty much every time I cook it. This always leaves me with dry spaghetti from not enough sauce or a money waste from just throwing it out. In the long run, this pasta measurer will save me a ton.

I Could Eat A Horse Pasta Measurer $11 @ Amazon

How much spaghetti do you need per person?

While cooking the right amount of spaghetti can be tricky we have found cooking around 56g per person, should give you just the right amount without a huge amount of waste.

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