I Like Big Mugs And I Can Not Lie Giant Coffee Mug $13 @ Lakeside Collection

I Like Big Mugs $13 @ Lakeside Collection

Now we're talking! Head over to Lakeside Collection where right now you can get these 'I Like Big Mugs And I Can Not Lie' Giant Coffee Mugs for just $13.48. They're regularly $15 there and is $25 elsewhere.

Do you ever just want to drink the coffee right out of the pot when it's done to save yourself the time of messing with mug that you're just going to have to refill every few minutes. We all have those days momma.

This is the type of coffee mug I need every day. This giant 64-ounce ceramic mug will fit pretty much your whole coffee pot into one giant delicious cup!

This would make a hilarious gift too. And if you're not actually going to tote it around for sipping every day, it also makes a great kitchen utensil caddy or even a flower pot. Either way, I'm pretty sure Sir Mixalot would approve.

Shipping is free on orders of $100 or more. Orders between $60 and $100 get $5.95 flat rate shipping. Otherwise, shipping is just $5.99 on this item alone.

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