iHip Bluetooth Wireless LED Soundbar $5 @ Hollar

iHip Bluetooth Wireless LED Soundbar $5 @ Hollar

Wow how cool would this be with its awesome led light show and playing music? Today only you can get this awesome wireless led soundbar for only $5!

Dont forget you can also use promo code JAN25 for an addional 25% off one item in your Hollar cart!

My kids are huge fans of the iHip brand and their headphones. We dont have this led soundbar yet but since its an incredible price for today we are adding to our collection.

When you buy iHip you can rest assured that your buying a quality product, my kids run, jump, flip, sweat and play sports in their iHip earphones and they have held up so well. Im sure this soundbar will have the same quality.

Could you imagine how much conversation and fun this led soundbar will bring with its 24 led light show? To top off the quality they even added a rubber shell so this thing should take tumbles like a pro.

No more wires no more tangles. This soundbar is wireless and can easily be connected via bluetooth to your mp3 player, phone and more!

Free shipping for new customers with a $10+ purchase. Free shipping for existing customers with a $25+ purchase.


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